Wisen-Up! is a workbook and a workshop designed to make connecting less complicated and confusing. When attempting to make a new personal or professional connection we’ve all asked the questions:

Where to start?

How to do it right?

When is it the right time?

Wisen-Up! will guide you through 4 key questions to help you make valuable connections and accelerate desired outcomes. Packed with reflective and action-based activities, you will feel supported and empowered to create new connections.

We’ve all admired a colleague or boss from afar. We’ve seen the perfect Linkedin connection pop up and wondered how to best connect. More often than not, time passes by and so too does that potential relationship. This experience is often referred to as paralysis by analysis. The Wisen-Up! framework will help you to stop thinking and start moving in the direction of new and meaningful connections.

Get three free exercises from the Wisen-up! guidebook + my coaching video on how to win the first impression game!

Let Wisen-Up! be your

guide to your next

meaningful interaction!