Josh spends his time connecting with companies across multiple industries. He has also been invited to speak at multiple TEDx events and has been a guest facilitator for organizations such as Network of Executive Women in Chicago.

Three important components of Josh’s messaging are:

Stories: Josh shares stories from his own life as well as people he has the opportunity to interact with.

Stats: These are data points that drive Josh’s mission to increase the quality and consistency of connection for every individual.

Sayings: Aligned with the truth that wisdom is accessible all around us, Josh shares quotes and sayings from a variety of people with diverse backgrounds.

Throughout every medium the message is constant. You were created for connection and relationships are not the only thing, but they are everything.


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TEDx 2019

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Each week Josh likes to create 3 videos surrounding one theme, and he often incorporates personal stories, interesting sayings, and fascinating statistics.

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How You Stunt Your Growth

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The Biggest Mistake in New Relationships

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Let Opportunity Unfold